Milk containers and high-efficiency immersion coolers

Milk container, model BI

The attractive ETSCHEID milk containers are double-walled, constructed of stainless-steel all round and with c.f.c.-free insulation. There are no reinforcement rings, making cleaning easy. The models BI 100 up to BI 190 are vacuum tight. The lid can be supplied with one or two inlets: for the immersion cooler, for taking milk out by hand or for the milk inlet plate. In the case of a lid with an inlet, the milk inlet elbow is welded on as standard. The lid is secured with toggle catches. If desired, on models BI 250 and upwards, lids can also be supplied with hinges.

Immersion cooler, model TZ

The ETSCHEID high-efficiency immersion cooler is ideal for the smaller producer. This unit is proven ten thousand-fold, safeguarded for future use and extremely economical. The gentle agitator is extremely efficient. The agitator blade moves the milk upwards over the cooling element. Guide plates are not necessary. The temperature sensor is installed deep, this leads to precise, direct control and prevents damage to the sensor when the immersion cooler is introduced. Even very small quantities of milk are cooled to perfection without turning into butter or foaming and without the composition of the fat being altered. By means of the agitator coupling, the agitator axle can be lifted out, with no tools required; the cooling element can be easily and effectively cleaned.
If desired, immersion coolers can also be supplied with ring evaporator, Model TZR (recommended for BI 250 upwards). Even with the agitator turning slowly, a very good mix can be achieved in big containers. All immersion coolers are supplied ready to connect and are extremely easily operated with a selector switch.

BI mit Karre

Milk container model BI
with immersion cooler model TZ

Cooling capacity of ETSCHEID high-efficiency immersion coolers and -ring evaporators

type average
voltage amount
of milk
watt [KW] (PS) [V] [litre]
TZ 03   1.100 0,25 (0,33) 1x230 30
TZ 1 TZR 1 1.460 0,75 (1,00) 1x230 70
TZ 13 TZR 13 2.650 0,90 (1,20) 3x400 70
TZ 20-1 TZR 20-1 3.850 1,10 (1,50) 1x230 105
TZ 20-3 TZR 20-3 3.850 1,10 (1,50) 3x400 105
TZR 33 4.540 1,50 (2,00) 3x400 125
The specified quantity of milk is cooled from 35°C to 8ºC in about 45 minutes or to 4°C in about 60 minutes at an ambient temperature of 25°C. Immersion depth of 745 mm. Special immersion depths of 520, 610, 845 and 945 mm are

Contents and measurement of milkcontainers

BI mit Karre

Milk container model BI
with immersion cooler model TZR

diameter height
typ without handles with handles [mm]
BI 60 445 585 585
BI 85 445 585 800
BI 100 580 720 610
BI 150 580 720 825
BI 190 665 805 835
BI 250 785 925 810
BI 315 875 1015 810
BI 440 1035 1175 810
BI 565 1165 1305 810
BI 750 1165 1305 1010

Transport trolleys and transport carts

We can deliver galvanised trolleys for our milk containers in different sizes and models.

BI mit Karre

Milk container with transport cart

Transport trolleys
K 60/85740
K 100870
K 150870
K 190960
K 2501085

Transport carts
W 250/440740
WH 250/440870
W 565870
H : height adjustable
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