Cooling units

Cooling units

We manufacture cooling units in our own factory for many applications and are cooling milk in almost all countries world-wide. We use modern coolants which are friendly to the environment.

Our popular cooling units are supplied ready to be connected, they are clear in design and available for all sizes and types of installation. These range from 0.75 kW right up to 6 x 7.4 kW.


Refrigeration unit model KAKT, fully-hermetic

Coolant twin-tube

One of our specialities is the supply of a pre-fabricated connection between cooling unit and refrigeration tank. This is done by a so called coolant twin- tube. The pre-assembled unit is filled with the exact amount of coolant. Each complete plant leaves the factory after being fully tested in our modern computerised test rig. All that is needed locally is connection to the mains and water (for cooling tanks only).

On site, only the electrical connections must be made and (with cooling tanks) water has to be connected.

To protect the cooling units we supply attractive covers in stainless steel. Up to a certain size, cooling units can be wall-mounted on consoles made of stainless steel, visually too this provides an attractive technical solution.

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