Tank guard for milk tanks

Tank guard - independent of the tank producer

The Etscheid tank monitor for your milk tank allows easy and secure logging of the cooling and cleaning data.

The production of milk of the highest quality is one of the most important tasks of a dairy farmer. During storage and cooling of milk, the DIN / ISO standards and the regulations of the dairy must be observed. The rapid cooling of the milk stored at the prescribed temperature, the proper function of the agitator and cleaning are important conditions in the case of non compliance with any quality loss and can lead to loss of income.

With ever increasing quantities of milk the Etscheid tank guard provides dairy farmers enormous security. The Etscheid tank guard monitors all relevant cooling and cleaning functions and alerts the dairy farmer or the collection truck driver immediately in case of problems.

All important data, such as milk temperature, stirrer function and cleaning are registered. During fluctuations the milk producers will be alerted early and with appropriate error message, a charge stop note for the collection truck driver takes place.

The Etscheid tank guard is an autonomous unit. It requires its own power supply (1x230 V / N / PE), independent of the tank unit. It needs no signals from an existing tank control. All relevant measurement data (also the stirrer function directly in the milk) are recorded with a special sensor measuring stick with various built-in temperature sensors.

Purchasing a tank guard is also useful for your records. It is a good tool for monitoring milk quality, for the determination of 'accidents', and it can help to avoid loss from milk money.


Control panel of the tank guard

Measurement data

The tank guard measures the following data:

  • Milk temperature and cooling time
  • Agitator function
  • Tank is empty
  • Tank is being cleaned yes / no
  • Tank was cleaned in time
  • Cleaning time / cleaning temperature is OK

The tank monitor has an internal memory that stores all relevant data of the recent months. A deviation is indicated by the tank guard.

Warnings for farmers


Sensor measuring stick

The tank guard displays the following warnings for the farmer:

  • Milk temperature is too high or too low
  • Cooling time too long (all milkings)
  • Cleaning error (temperature and time)
  • Tank is not cleaned at proper time
  • Agitator fault
  • System fault
  • Option: SMS warning with the COMbox

Warnings for tanker drivers

The tank guard displays the following warnings for the tanker drivers:

  • Milk temperature is too high or too low
  • Cooling time too long (all milkings)
  • Voltage disturbance (Power failure too long)

With these warnings, the tanker drivers will find that a problem has occurred and there may be doubts about the quality of milk.

Easy installation

The subsequent installation is carried out in a few steps. Since the Etscheid tank guard is an autonomous unit, the attachment can also be easily made on foreign tanks. Apart from a hole no modifications to the tank are necessary. The tank monitor can therefore also be used in a new tank.


Tank implementing

Installation steps

  1. drill a hole
  2. insert tank implementing
  3. insert sensor stick through the tank implementing
  4. mount the tank guard control unit at the tank front or at a wall
  5. wire the control unit and the sensor stick
  6. calibrate the tank guard

Optional: Mobile communication unit COMbox

As an option, an extension module is available for alarm transmission via SMS. In the event of an alarm or fault, the COMbox inform the system operator by SMS that a problem with the system has occurred.

More info: here

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