Blood cooling


All blood cooling tanks are manufactured both inside and outside of high- quality stainless steel, and are fully insulated with CFC free foam. The inner tank is optional to protect against corrosion and pitting (particularly in pig's blood) made from stainless steel 1.4571.

The laser-welded flat bottom of the tank provides a very large and hygienic heat exchanger surface for a fast and efficient cooling and easy cleaning.

The cooling is effected by a cooling unit which is connected to the tank with a flexible tube. The forced flow of the refrigerant enable an optimal use of the refrigeration unit. A separate connection to copper pipe or the connection to a refrigeration system is possible.


Horizontal tank model KT

Alternatively, the cooling floor can be designed as a heat exchanger surface for ice water or glycol mixture. The cooling is then carried out by an ice-water heater or an Etscheid industrial cooling system.

The cooling tanks can be equipped as standard with an automatic Etscheid cleaning system or can be prepared for a connection to a CIP cleaning system!



Horizontal tank model KT

1650 up to 20 000 l capacity.
With extra-flat evaporator ground for a rapid and effective cooling.


Vertical tank model RT

Vertical tank

Vertical tank model RT

700 up to 10 000 l capacity.
To cool and store blood on a small floor space. Extra large cooling surface in the cylinder as special version is possible.

Connections and accessories

  • Threaded or flange connection NW 50 to NW 150
  • Connection for gas displacement line
  • Connection for safety valve
  • Reinforced agitators for blood
  • Cleaning unit with heater for heating the cleaning water
  • More accessories and equipments on request
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