Food processing

Direct marketing

Etscheid - your partner for producing drinking milk, yoghurt and cheese, as well as their direct marketing ....

Tub pasteurizers

Tub pasteurizers from 100-500l.

Plate pasteurizers

Plate pasteurizers with an hourly output from 600 to 1200 l.

Cheese making vats

Cheese making vats from 50 to 1500l.

Cheese press

Cheese presses.

Milk centrifuge

Milk centrifuge for separation of milk into skimmed milk and cream.

Washing machine for bottles

Washing machine for bottles, 300 to 600 bottles per hour.

Ice water

Ice water builder type EWB are specifically designed for use with tub pasteurizers and plate pasteurizers.

Brine cooler



Accessories for food processing

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