AquaCooly IK-V

- Cooling water recooler

AquaCooly IK-V

Compact units for indoor installation from 0.5 kW to 4 kW cooling power

Units of this series have the characteristic of a very compact type of construction and require a small amount of space. All items in this series can be delivered with an electronic thermostat and a digital display. As standard, the range of operation for these units are at water temperatures between 10°C and 25°C.

Kompaktgeräte Modell IK-V

Compact units model IK-V

The AquaCooly is a liquid recooling system, which consists of a complete refrigeration and liquid circuit. The refrigerant passes through an evaporator basket in the liquid tank and withdraws the thermal energy from the fluid.The thermal energy is released back to the environment by the air cooled condenser of the cooling machine.

All compact models are supplied ready to be connected and are easy to put in operation. Simply connect the electricity supply and cooling cycle, fill with water or other liquids and the system is ready for operation.


The standard unit AquaCooly cools down the liquid to the desired temperature between 10°C and 25°C. In the insulated liquid storage tank a built-in agitator ensures a good mixing of the liquid and an intensive heat exchange. When the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat switches off. When the temperature of the fluid rises, the thermostat automatically switches on the cooling again. Thus, the temperature of the liquid remains constant.To control the temperature of the liquid you can read the value on the display.


Schematic diagram IK-V


  1. Air-cooled condenser with axial fan
  2. Fully hermetically sealed motor compressor
  3. Heat exchanger
  4. Capillary
  5. Centrifugal pump
  6. Evaporator basket
  7. Insulated water basin
  8. Thermostat

Technical specifications

Aircooled fully hermetical AquaCooly IK-V with tube evaporator
IK-V 07 IK-V 1.4/T IK-V 2/T IK-V 3/T IK-V 4/T
Nominal power kcal/h* 750 1300 1720 2300 3700
Nominal power W* 900 1500 2000 2700 4300
Noise level 3 m distance dB(A) 55 57 57 57 58
Noise level 10 m distance dB(A) 51 55 55 55 56
Pump type Y-2951 NPY-2051 NPY-2051 NPY-2051 NPY-2051
Basin capacity litre 6 15 15 15 15
Pipe connexion DN 10 DN 10 DN 10 DN 10 DN 10
Air flow rate ml/h 600 1000 1000 2600 2600
Compressor load kW** 0,48 0,7 0,96 1,17 1,71
Pump output kW** 0,12 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,25
Power load kW 0,7 1 1,3 1,6 2,2
Voltage V/Hz 1x230/N/PE/50 1x230/N/PE/50 1x230/N/PE/50 3x400/N/PE/50 3x400/N/PE/50
max. current A 5,5 8 9,9 3,9 4,9
Dimension: l mm 565 750 750 750 750
Dimension: w mm 440 450 450 450 450
Dimension: h mm 345 500 500 500 500
approx. weight kg 42 85 85 85 85
Refrigerant weight (R 134a) kg 0,35 0,5 1,0 1,2 1,1
* The mentioned cooling capacity refers to an ambient temperature of +32°C and a water inlet temperature of 15°C. At lower water inlet temperature the cooling capacity reduces approx. 3% per °C.
** Nominal capacity according to the manufacturer.
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