Wine Cooling

- System to control the fermentation of wine

System to control the fermentation of wine

The control of fermentation in wine has recently become a hot topic. With existing technical equipments the fermentation is a tool of production of better quality wines in comparison to conventional processing plants. In particular, the sensory characteristics of the wine can be influenced.

Etscheid has specially developed a system for the winery that allows smaller packages to be controlled effectively during fermentation.

Wine cooling hose

Heart of the new system is a flexible conduit (tube) made of stainless steel of grade 1.4571, which is taken in the tanks as a heat exchanger. The flexible heat exchanger allows the wineries, even in tight spaces and small openings on the tank (eg, bunghole in wooden barrels) to take in the wine tanks a sufficiently large heat exchanger. The corrugated tube heat exchanger with a diameter of 35 mm is available from 1m to 5m lengths, and has a heat exchange of about 0.25m per meter of length.


Wine cooling hose


The heat exchanger is hang in the wine tanks through an opening at the top of the wine tanks. Cold water, which is passed through the corrugated tube heat exchanger, removes during fermentation the released heat and drains it off.

Well water or cold water generators

The corrugated tube heat exchangers are suitable for cooling of the wine by using well water. The user can reach better results by using a cooling chiller. ETSCHEID provides in this area for the wineries a complete range of products. The robust units with industrial-grade can also generate hot water as option.

In conjunction with a control system Etscheid offers fully automatic systems for fermentation control.

The great advantage of the new system is the flexible use, i.e. the heat exchanger can be used for several packings, which ferments time delayed.

In addition to the new system ETSCHEID even provides conventional systems for cooling wine, such as heat exchanger plates for fixed installation in wine tanks or pipe coil heat exchanger.

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