Ice water system

Ice water system model EWB

The ice water system type EWB were designed specifically for use with batch pasteurisers and plate pasteurisers.

The system consists of an insulated, two-walled stainless steel container. In this container there are laser-welded stainless steel plates to which, with the action of the cooling machine (which is built on), the ice forms with a thickness of 4-5 cm. A mounted circulation pump ensures that the cold water comes to the pasteur. On request we can manufacture ice-water systems for other applications.


Ice water system type EWB
suitable for pasteurs type WPD
and PPW / E

Technical specifications

kg ice l [mm] w [mm] h [mm] water connection
EWB 200 145 1970 560 1416 R 1"
EWB 300 220 1970 560 1416 R 1"
EWB 450 320 1970 560 1416 R 1"
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