Accessories for food processing


Accessories for dairies

All products manufactured from stainless steel 1.4301.


Manual cheese harp

Manual cheese harp

Manual cheese harp in 3 different designs.

Draw sheets

Draw sheets in sizes 16 x 15 cm and 27 x 15 cm.

Drain sheets

Drain sheets with a border of 5 cm. Different sizes available.

Perforated strips

Perforated strips in size 200 x 33 cm for the separation of curd. With handles.



Brine bath

Brine bath with feet. Size: 300 x 84 x 28 cm.

Drain- and worktable

Drain- and worktables in different sizes.

Curd tub

Mobile curd tub with outlet NW 25. Size: 130 x 50 cm


Ladles with capacities of 1,5 l or 3,3 l.

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