Cutting steel sheets


Punching nibbling machine

Boschert punching machine with plasma-cutter


Punching nibbling machine

Using a punching nibbling machine, sheet metal pieces of different sizes and different cut-outs are produced from a standard sheet metal plate. For this purpose, a metal sheet up to 1500x4000mm and a thickness of up to 3.0mm with several claws are clamped in a coordinate guide and positioned in 2 axes under the machining head with the tools. When punched, the shape of the punch leaves holes up to 105mm in diameter.

Workspace max. punching force max.
max. weight of workpiece
x-axis y-axis
3000mm (max. 9999mm) 1560mm 280kN 105mm 200kg



Plate shear

Plate shears up to a length of 4000mm

They are used for cutting straight strips or cut blanks from steel plates. In the process, sheet is cut between the fixed blade and a movable blade along a straight path.


Circuit shear

Circular shears

The circular shear is designed for cutting blanks or rings.
In the case of circular shears, the cutting tools consist of two pairs of circular knives arranged in pairs. The blades are driven by rotary motors and cut the sheet between the upper and lower blades during the rolling process. Round blanks with diameters between 320mm and 3500mm can be produced.

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