For the deformation of stainless steel Etscheid uses severeal machines, such as a bending press, bending machines, several rollers, beading machines etc.

A special beading machine is the so-called spinning lathe.



Bending press

Bending press, press brake

3000 mm length

A bending press is used for bending and curving sheets of different sizes. The term bending here means that an edge is created by the press in the sheet using a V-shaped forging die.


Bending machine up to 4000 mm

Bending machine

2000 mm and 4000 mm length

During bending, the sheet is tensioned between the upper cheek and the lower cheek and bent to the desired bending angle by the bending trough on the machine.



Rolling up to 6000 mm


In this case, the sheet is clamped between the upper roller and the lower roller, and is then advanced by the roller rotation. The bend Is achieved by means of a height-adjustable bending roll, the diameter depends on the setting depth of the bending roll. Thus, different diameters can be flexibly flexed without the need of a tool.

We manufacture container frames, shell shots, half-tubes, half-shells and similar parts.

Three-roll sheet metal bending machines for rounding cylinders.

  • min. Ø 70 mm at 500 mm length
  • min. Ø 100 mm at 1250 mm length
  • min. Ø 125 mm at 1500 mm length
  • min. Ø 350 mm at 4000 mm length
  • min. Ø 450 mm at 6000 mm length




Beading machine

Beading is the bending of the edge of round or oval sheets. In this case, the sheet is deformed between a forming roll and a printing roll in such a way that the blank has a straight edge for connection to the container jacket. We beading circular blanks from 320mm to 3500mm with r 5mm, r 23mm and r 27mm. A template is required for non-round parts (oval tank shape).


Pressing to 2400mm diameter


Metal pressing is an old craft which, for example, has been used in China for the time around 800 BC. It is one of the most versatile forming processes for sheet metal for producing rotationally symmetrical hollow bodies.

We manufacture bottoms, lids and container frames as well as similar parts.

Rounds from Ø 400mm to 2400mm
Cylinder from Ø 400mm to 2100mm, max. height 1500mm

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