Surface treatment


Our surface mechanics workspaces are used for polishing and brushing stainless steel products. They offer a grinding machine for metal sheets up to 900mm width and a surface finishing plant. The glass bead blasting system allows for blasting products up to a maximum size of 1000x1000x500mm.


Injector blasting cabinet for cleaning up
stainless steel welding seams

Glass bead blasting

Glass bead blasting is defined as the surface treatment of a workpiece by the action of glass beads against tinder and other impurities.


Deburring and sanding machine

Deburring and sanding machine

For deburring and rounding of edges on flat sheets and cutouts. The processing of foiled sheet and parts with throughs and embossings is possible. Surface finish possible by structural sanding, individual sanding pattern with different granular abrasives.


Vibratory finishing machine
for cleaning and polishing

Vibratory finishing

Vibratory finishing is an economical deburring process of particular importance. In contrast to conventional deburring processes that build more or less new smaller ridges by deburring, the vibratory finishing includes the workpiece's entire surface in the deburring process. The vibratory finishing is a mechanical machining of the workpiece in a moving bed of grinding bodies.

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