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The Etscheid COMbox is an extension module for the alarm transmission over the mobile network. It can be connected to an Etscheid tank guard EMW 2100, to an Etscheid milkcooling tank RT, KT, ST and TT with cleaning system Lavatronic AWE and to an Etscheid industrial cooling system with alarm output.

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In the course of the legally required risk analysis (review) of milkcooling tanks, Etscheid has decided to provide a hazard warning sign in the area of the manhole cover.

Caution! Risk of injury or danger of life!

  1. Read operating instructions and instructions of the operator! Read and observe the instructions
  2. Pull the mains plug! Ensure absence of voltage and secure to prevent restarting!
  3. Entry into the tank only when the tank is empty and another person is present who can help in an emergency!
  4. Before closing the manhole cover, make sure that there is no person in the tank! Visual inspection!

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