Calf milk pasteurizers

Pasteurize milk to be used as fodder

The use of pasteurized calf milk leads to a significant improvement in the Health of calves, as shown by several studies. By the pasteurization of the milk over 95% of the pathogenic germs are killed. Dangerous pathogens such as E coli, staphylococci, enterococci, etc. are reliably killed with this method. The milk protein is denatured only slightly, the vitamins are preserved almost completely.


Calf milk pasteurizer KMP 200
with underframe

Pasteurizing the milk is thus an effective method to utilize the milk of cows with udder problems in calf breeding, without causing an increased risk from diarrhoea. This also allows the use of non- marketable milk as a valuable feed for calves.

Calf milk pasteurizer KMP

The calf milk pasteurizers from the series KMP in sizes from 100 liters to 450 liters are designed as pressure vessels. The optimal container shape allows for easy cleaning of the pasteurizer. The pasteurizer program runs automatically, by request, it also starts time delayed. The economical heating contributes to low energy consumption. The pasteurizers are able to heat and cool and are thereby universally usable. The devices can be delivered both with and without a sub-frame.

Features of the Etscheid calf milk pasteurizers

Features an characteristics of the Etscheid calf milk pasteurizers:


Calf milk pasteurizer KMP 200
without underframe

  • Agitator permanently mounted on the lid
  • Thermostatically controlled heater 8,4 kW
  • Outlet disc valve NW 50
  • Control board with electronic thermostat
  • Controls with pasteurizer program and keeping warm program
  • Delayed start of the program possible
  • Sensor sits in the milk
  • Digital display of milk temperature
  • Heating and cooling possible


A stainless steel underframe is supplied as an option, which permits a more gentle working position for your back due to the increased height.

A quick-change adapter for the agitator is available, which makes the cleaning of the pasteurizer even easier.

A second heater enables faster heating of the milk.

Technical specifications

model capacity diameter height heating capacity outlet
min. [l] max. [l] outside [mm] inside [mm] [mm] [kW]
KMP 100 48 100 778 710 470 1 x 8,4 NW 50
KMP 200 60 200 871 802 630 1 x 8,4 NW 50
KMP 300 60 300 871 802 830 1 x 8,4 NW 50
KMP 450 115 450 1085 1160 725 1 x 8,4 NW 50
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