Direct marketing

Direct marketing of drinking milk increases

Operation inspection at the Schusterhof

At the Schusterhof of the family Schroll in Aiglsham, a tub pasteurizer is in operation. There met 56 dairy farmers from Bavaria and neighboring provinces in order to look at the workflow and the technology in practice.


GERHARD SCHROLL is filling the milk.
He has to stick on the expiration date by hand.
An automatic system would
cost too much and isn`t

The total investment for the direct marketing of the milk amounted to around 80,000 €, around 50,000 € for the equipments and for the pasteurizer. There were also more than 10,000 € own contribution.

Ludwig Schroeder has 45 milk cows. For working with the pasteurizer and the marketing of the drinking milk his son Gerhard is mainly responsible.

Alternative energy use

During the farm visit, the question always was to what extent alternative use of energy for the ice and cooking water heater, the bottle washing machine and the tub pasteurizer was or is planned. Ludwig Schroll said that every possibility had to be exactly calculated. He had decided on a geothermal heat pump.


A critical point in the processing of milk is filling. Here, Gerhard Schroll gives the advice to keep the way from the pasteur container to the bottles as short as possible, since the working process is associated with many hand movements. At the moment, 280 litres of drinking milk are produced and bottled in the two- and three-litre bottles on two days. Approximately 2,000 litres of milk per week are planned.

Gerhard and Ludwig Schroll were satisfied with the course of business. However, in the beginning, the wishes of the customers had to be addressed. The best experiences and successes were recorded by Gerhard Schroll during his personal conversation. Even after a few sentences one could see whether it would become a future customer.

No cooking taste when treating the milk in the tub pasteurizer

Norbert Birkendorf from the company Etscheid was asked whether the milk would not accept any cooking taste during the treatment in the tub pasteurizer. This was achieved by a stirrer which was simple in construction, but effective in the stirring result, explained Birkendorf. Rainer Neige from the company Fink said that it is important to pre-wash the bottles only cold. With hot water there is a risk that the milk protein reacts and the bottles can not be cleaned with detergents.

Future prospects

Ernst Wirthensohn from the Kulturland-Bureau, who teaches the direct marketing of drinking milk in seminars and organizes plant visits again and again, is confident that this type of marketing of drinking milk will cover the whole world. However, only a few companies would have the financial resources and the necessary situation in their family.

Above all, however, the direct marketing company had to sell its sales in an area with a radius of 25 kilometers with a population density of about 30,000 persons. In the meantime, there are seven direct marketing companies for drinking milk in Bavaria. The interest in this type of marketing is big, says Wirthensohn.

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