Introduction Etscheid calf milk pasteurizer

Introduction Etscheid calf milk pasteurizer

Due to the strong demand for a calf milk pasteurizer, ETSCHEID Anlagen GmbH has introduced a new type of batch pasteurizer, especially for the heating process of calf milk.


Calf milk pasteurizer KMP 200
with underframe

Pasteurizing calf milk

The use of pasteurized calf milk leads to a significant improvement in the Health of calves, as shown by several studies. By the pasteurization of the milk over 95% of the pathogenic germs are killed. Dangerous pathogens such as E coli, staphylococci, enterococci, etc. are reliably killed with this method. The milk protein is denatured only slightly, the vitamins are preserved almost completely.

Pasteurizing the milk is thus an effective method to utilize the milk of cows with udder problems in calf breeding, without causing an increased risk from diarrhoea. This also allows the use of non- marketable milk as a valuable feed for calves.

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