Certification for service professionals

Competent service

A competent service for milking and cooling equipment is a key requirement for the humane and profitable production of high quality milk. Milking and cooling systems and automatic milking systems must meet the high requirements of international standards EN 13732, DIN ISO 5707, DIN ISO 6690 and DIN ISO 20966th

The staff, in consultation with the farmer must ensure that the milk cooling system is functioning properly. This includes not only the proper installation, but over the years a sustained good customer service activities. The value chain from milking and milk cooling equipment manufacturers about the sales and service partners and to the dairy farmer needs to have high levels matched up.

Well-trained service staff not only ensures a longer life of the system, but also a higher milk quality and lower operating costs.


Quality label.

Criteria for the qualification of service personnel

The VDMA organized manufacturer of milking and cooling systems have agricultural technology cooperation with science and advisory criteria for qualifying service professionals set of elements for a sustainable education and training process, the manufacturer defines and certification for manufacturers and service professionals created so that the quality the service is created.

Certification of manufacturers

The manufacturer's certification as the Etscheid GmbH, is via regular audits by the VDMA appointed, neutral experts.

Certification of service personnel

The certification of the service personnel of the dealer are conducted by certified manufacturers. Thus, costs are saved, because in the context of certification training, the technology of the manufacturer gets to know well.

With the certification of education and training of service professionals Service is an appropriately high standard for the industry created.

With the certification of education and training of service professionals Service is an appropriately high standard for the industry. The dairy farmer has to be certain that milking equipment and the service is not only the high standards, but also requires a coordinated and continuous development of a subject. The experience gained from practice, flows into the new DIN EN ISO standards for milking machines and milk cooling equipments.


With the successful completion of the test each participant will receive a certificate and a card.

Service professionals, education and training regularly and successfully participate in, obtained from the certification of producers involved in each case a pass. The presentation provides information on the extent and content of training (modules) that mark to which the training relates, and validity.

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