Insulated cooling tanks

Cooling tanks


Cooling tank type RTH
from 800 to 15.000 litres

These tanks are the ideal combination of wine-/must-/liquid cooling and storage. You can have more than just automatically cooling!

The smooth long-term storage of unfermented grape juice and wines with residual sugar is just as natural as the tartaric stabilization of wine for sparkling wine production, fermentation control, the stabilization of distillates and much more. The tank interior and exterior shell is made of polished stainless steel and insulated with polyurethane foam. The insulation prevents energy loss.


The system consists of an insulated, two-walled stainless steel container. In this container there are laser-welded stainless steel plates to which, with the action of the cooling machine which is built on, the ice sheets attaches with a thickness of 4-5 cm. A mounted circulation pump ensures that the cold water comes to the consumer (pasteur).

On request we can manufacture ice-water systems for other applications.


If desired, the inner tank can be produced in V4 A stainless steel. The cooling can be directly with refrigerant or indirectly with cooling brine. Even partially filled tanks are heated quickly and inexpensively. The factory built in electronically controlled gentle agitator ensures an even temperature inside the tank. The automatic stirring can be turned off and guarantees, even after long storage, a constant temperature. The temperatures can be changed with the electronic controller infinitely variable.

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