Cooling systems for wine

Liquid recooling systems

Liquid recooling systems type IK-V from 1 - 500 kW


Compact cooling systems

With the liquid recooling systems from Etscheid a desired fermentation temperature is kept constant automatically.

The device consists of a complete cooling and water circulation to produce cold water. The water is pumped with the built-in pump through a flexible corrugated tube heat exchanger or a heat exchanger plate in the wine tank, and dispense it`s cold energy to the must or wine and temper by that the content of the tank. The heated water flows back into the cooling unit where it is cooled down again in the built-in water tank.


Scheme cooling circuit

The whole system is closed and it works constantly, so that no lime deposits or dirt may impair the used pipes or heat exchangers.

Due to the electronic control the desired flow temperature can be precisely adjusted, for example:

  • to control the fermentation temperature
  • to stop the fermentation
  • to precipitate winestone

Automatic fermentation control


Cooling water re-cooler

With the help of temperature sensors in each packing and solenoid valves at each heat exchangers an automatic temperature control of various tanks is possible.

The cooling system is water resistant and built in in a compact powder-coated steel sheet housing. If desired, complete stainless steel housing and mobile versions can be manufactured.

Special designs:

Integrated heater for heating or direct cooling of wine according to the continuous flow.

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